For yet another year we offer you a harmonic dialogue between art and fashion that will inspire you this spring.

To celebrate the week in which Madrid takes centre stage in the world of art, ​Las Rozas Village is hosting a unique exhibition showcasing masterpieces of internationally renowned Venezuelan artist, Pedro Sandoval. The exhibition, entitled ‘The Colorful Box’ and commissioned by the creative mastermind Luis Galliussi, offers a handpicked selection of masterpieces loaded with vivid colours that effortlessly reel onlookers in – the trademarks of this prolific artist.


This exhibition is yet another example of The Bicester Village Shopping Collection's commitment to art, decoration and creativity: spring, the latest collections, colour... See for yourself how the Village transforms from one season to the next, showcasing exclusive creations from up-and-coming avant-garde artists from around the globe. Much more than just a shopping destination, it's a truly unique experience!

Pedro Sandoval

Born in Venezuela but now residing in Spain, Sandoval started his career experimenting with figurative art, before he moved towards abstract art. He developed his own artistic style by combining the concept of rationalism with dynamic and vitalist painting. He used his understanding of the postwar and abstract expressionism movements, and his appreciation of the simplicity of geometric rationalism to take his work towards abstract neo-expressionism, all while adding his own new and unique style.

Pedro Sandoval's work can be found in various museums and private collections, such as New York's Guggenheim Museum; the Avant Gallery in Miami; Caracas Contemporary Art Museum in Caracas; the Waldenburg princes' collection in Austria; the collection of Baron Borja Thyssen-Bornemisza; the Vatican Museum collection, the Kennedy collection and the Leo Castelli Gallery, among others.


We offer you the artiest look so that you can blend seamlessly into this week's cultural and artistic setting. An eye-catching colour-filled piece is a must when attending any art viewing. Whether you are a city art gallery or an art fair goer, your comfort look this week has to take the very concept of comfort to the next level.