Founded in Rome in 1884, high-end jewellery brand Bvlgari is a celebrated hallmark of Italian excellence.

Famed for its stylistic audacity and masterful use of colour, Bvulgari jewellery is instantly recognisable anywhere. Sensual silhouettes and design, eye-catching materials and a passion for Roman art and architecture are the defining values behind each and every creation. Bvlgari seamlessly marries innovation with traditional craftsmanship, thanks to its unparalleled expertise in goldsmithing and its deep-rooted connection with its Roman heritage. Every single Bvlgari creation – whether jewellery, watches, accessories or fragrances – truly embodies the timeless and contemporary nature of Italian luxury.

The Divas' Dream accessory collection exudes energy and freedom; subtle rock effortlessly combines with artistic flair to create a 70s style that perfectly encapsulates the lifestyle and vibrancy of today's divas and celebrities.

Inspired by the mosaics at the Baths of Caracalla (216 AD) in Ancient Rome and testament to Bvlgari’s legacy, the brand draws on the curved fan-shape of its jewellery collection to create an exclusive clasp that affords a unique and elegant edge to its bags.