There will be no hibernating this winter.

Unless you’re planning on a sabbatical in St. Barts – in which case, well played – there’s no escaping winter. So make like your favourite fitness influencer and get to work on those quads, glutes and biceps with these three winter-friendly workouts. Layer up, you got this.

    1. SCALE UP


    With all of the pushing, pulling and problem-solving involved, indoor climbing is the full mind and body workout that cold weather climes call for.  Not only does it combine cardio and strength, you'll gain focus, fancy footwork and a rock-solid core – pun intended – as a result. It's also known to improve balance, agility and best of all, because of the excitement level involved – dangling from dizzying heights gets a little Mission Impossible –it stimulates your body to release more of the happy hormones dopamine and endorphins. Could it be the perfect antidote to winter?


    TRY: A taster session. It’s the best way to find out whether you’re cut out for bouldering or top-rope climbing.

    1. JUMP, JUMP


    Some fitness fads are worth their weight in dumbbells. Yes, trampoline parks have been popping up everywhere in recent months, but we’re ok with it. Trampolining is high-energy, high-fun – try containing your giddiness, we dare you – it also develops upper and lower body strength and improves balance and coordination. Did we mention the endorphin rush? Just do it.

    TRY: A trampoline fitness session if you’re looking to up your cardio and test your endurance. You’ll do star jumps, mid-air splits and planks, so many planks.

    1. GET LIIT

    Just say no to infinite squats, tuck jumps and burpees. LIIT – low intensity interval training – involves similar exercises but better. It allows longer rest periods between circuits, reduces cortisol levels and allows you to continue burning fat in between exercises. Where can we sign up?

    TRY: Hot yin yoga.  It’s slow paced – a handful of mostly-seated postures are held for five minutes or more – and will seriously chill you out, especially if you’re prone to bouts of anxiety and suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Practicing in the heat will increase flexibility in joints and connective tissues and make you think you’re in the Bahamas for the day. #Yogaalldayeveryday